Earlier today on Tuesday Oct. 11, a series of txs routed through STAX led to a total of 321,154 xLP tokens being taken from the xLP Staking contract at 13:08 UTC time. These tokens were swapped for precisely 1,418,303 $TEMPLE and 1,262,438 $FRAX; 1,418,303 $TEMPLE were sold for FRAX.

Please refrain from further deposits into STAX contracts until remediations are made. The dApp has been taken down to avoid accidental usage.

This is now under control and the exploiter can do no further harm.

Remediations will be made for all affected users.

We are following up with Binance and will initialize a white hat bounty for the exploiter. We are increasing our existing bounty with Hats Finance and establishing secure communications if the hacker chooses to return funds and receive a legal bounty. Details to come.

Any information or communications can in the meantime reach the team via templedao@protonmail.com.